June 18, 2005


I guess it is time for the weekly update, huh?

As usual, not a whole lot going on. We had to take Oliver to the vet last weekend because one of his fangs was in the process of falling out and he couldn't close his mouth properly. Do you know how much cats drool? A LOT! Anyway, we took him in and they scheduled him for dental surgery on Monday. Of course, on Sunday night while giving him his last dose of anti-biotics before surgery we discovered that the tooth was completely missing. I would imagine that like a child, he was eating and it just finished falling out. He wasn't acting like he was in pain so we didn't worry too much. I still took him in the next morning so that they could knock him out and clean his teeth anyway. The difference is amazing.

The Child is still going to summer school and we're going to go ahead and put her in the second session. That means she'll only be a half credit behind most of her peers. She's doing pretty good but still thinks it is the most boring thing in the world, being in the same class for eight hours a day. She wants to get a job once the second session is done. John and I talked about it for a bit and we both think that we should wait until she gets her first report card, just so that we know she can handle all her classes. I've also offered up a major bribe of going to Orlando for a week in October if her grades are good enough. She was pretty psyched about that since they have the haunted house things at most of the parks.

Right now she's outside washing my car, inside and out. I think once she is done, I'll take her driving for a little bit. She's been studying the driving manual so that she can take the written test at the end of the summer.

When the hell did that happen? When did I get old enough to have a child old enough to get a driving permit??!!

My bestest friend Michelle is coming to visit next month. I can't wait until we've got time to just sit around on the porch, drinking and talking for hours like we did last summer. It will make up for her having to bow out of Vegas, which we've just barely been able to swing financially. I'm sure it'll be better in a month or so and we'll have money to spend but right now with vet bills and summer school classes and John's college class...well life is damned expensive!

I'm going to go check out the Child's work on the car. It will be nice to have a clean car finally!

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