June 03, 2005


Since people email me asking if I am OK, and other people message me accusing me of "hiding something" since I'm not updating much, I thought I should update.

The Child is in summer school. $300 later (with another $300 due at the end of this month!) and much moaning and bitching, she's enrolled and doing the work needed to catch up on her school credits. No, I don't feel sorry for her. We tried to tell her from the beginning of the school year in WA that she needed to just buckle down and do the work. She chose not to and now we chose to put her ass in school all summer. I think it is a fair deal all the way around...well except for the whole $600 thing, but still. Yes, we're expecting A's. She desperately needs them to bring up her GPA going into next year. Yes, I will go all Dr Phil on her ass again should anything drop below a C from now on. No, she won't be allowed to get her driver's license if she's not doing well in school.

John is doing great at work. He likes the job and the people that he works with. Last Friday we both went to get our AL driver's licenses. I was >< that close from getting pretty damned snippy with the worker until John told them we'd both had an AL license before. Evidently you now must have a birth certificate to get a license. Even if you have another driver's license, a government issued ID card with your SSN on it AND a current passport. No, that isn't enough ID, you must also show a slip of paper with no photo. I know, I don't get it either. The other really bad part of that whole deal was the line. The office closes at noon for lunch, reopening at 1230. People started lining up before 1130 and one poor kid had been there since 9am. If you aren't in line to get a number then you won't get seen. Just having a number means that you MIGHT get seen, especially if your number is 25 or lower. Thankfully we were numbers 6 and 7. John decided to go ahead and get the endorsement for motorcycles while he was there, so he had to take a test. I did not have to take a test but I did have to be a little bitchy. I guess "down here", women drop their middle names when they get married and then use their maiden name as their middle name. While that might be all well and good, I don't use my maiden name for anything and haven't since I got married. The woman was nice enough to tell me that my maiden name was still listed on there when I asked. When I said I didn't want it on there, that it only confuses people she couldn't seem to grasp why. Finally I just said, "Look, I'm not FROM here and obviously I've never followed that custom. Having my maiden name on a driver's license when I never use that name just confuses people. Please remove it." She finally agreed and I am happy to report that my name appears as I normally sign it. I figure my parents gave me my middle name for a reason and damnit, I like it!

How do you get a male cat to stop spraying in the house? Oliver seems to have started spraying things in the house. The latest casualty of this odd behavior is John's work shoes. Yes, Oliver is still alive, but only because John was going to be late for work if he stopped to kill him. He's never done this in all the time we've had him so we don't understand what would make him start now. If you have any ideas on why he started and how we can get him to stop please drop me an email. We're at our wits end and sick of it.

There are a few more pictures up of the saltwater tank. I got a great picture of one of the cleaner shrimp. We're pretty happy with how it looks so far but I think we'll be waiting until after we hit Vegas to buy anything else big for it.

It is Friday afternoon. John and the Child are at his mom's house building a dog fence. It is quiet here in the house and I'm going to go take a few minutes to enjoy it. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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