May 29, 2005


I know...a month. I swear, nothing too major is going on.

So, this past month, the following has happened:

- The Child failed miserably at school.

- The Child was enrolled in summer school, much to her dismay.

She is going to the first session for sure, and possibly the second as well, though if she goes to that one she can't go on the summer trip with the church. We haven't decided yet. I am hoping that 8 hours a day of one subject will be enough to make her not fail another class again.

We did her hair a few weeks ago. It is QUITE red from the henna. There is a pciture of the back of her head in the gallery.

There are also some pictures of the saltwater tank. We finally decided on a place to put it and got it filled. As of now there is about 60 pounds of rock, about 11 small hermit crabs and about 11 snails. We're hoping to get a pair of yellow-headed gobi this week.

We had a leak just after the water meter. We had to dig up the center part of the driveway to find it. The mushrooms growing there were a big clue that something wasn't right. Total time? About 3.5 hours. Total cost to repair? $3.75 and a sore back.

We had a hot tub given to us. Free fit so nicely into our budget that we went and picked it up. After setting it up, John has discovered that we should replace a few switches (pressure switch, hi/low switch, etc) as well as getting a new heating element. He also thinks that the air blowing motor froze up for some reason, so he'll be taking that off later today to check it out. Even if we have to replace all of those things, it won't be one tenth the cost of even buying a used spa.

It is Memorial Day weekend. While you are spending your three-day weekend doing whatever it is you are doing, please take a few moments to remember those that died while in service to this country. I'm going to memorialize John's service by letting him go look at Harleys. :)

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