May 01, 2005


Another Sunday...another update.

There are more pictures up in the gallery. Freshly uploaded this afternoon.

The past week was nice and uneventful. I got roses for being an admin, more flowers are blooming in my garden, oh, and the child ran my car into a fence!

I totally didn't believe them when they came home and told me last weekend. It wasn't until I stood up and looked outside that it hit me....holy cow, they weren't playing a joke on me! It is scratched pretty bad but nothing worse than that. She felt horrible and washed the car that afternoon for me. Not surprisingly, there was no driving lesson this weekend.

Not lots going on other than the car. Work is going great, John's work is going great, the Child seems to be doing great...even the cats are doing great.

A little shopping, a little cleaning, a lot of laundry...

Posted by rowEn at 08:40 PM