April 23, 2005

04.23.2005 part deux

We went shopping! There are a bunch more photos uploaded since this morning. I have a new peach tree!

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Another Saturday, another update I suppose!

So yesterday was our first forray into the world of "real" health insurance. I've got a federal insurance plan and John's got his retirement Tricare plan. It should NOT be hard to find an urgent care place to take the Child, right? Wrongo, buddy! The first place we went knew up front that I have my plan, John has his and we're all covered under both. After making me wait an hour, they told me that the doctor on staff isn't in my insurance network, that they can't even guarantee that the claim would be paid and I should just pay up front. They seemed insulted when I just grabbed my purse and stated that I would find someplace else to take my child.

I came home, called my health plan and spoke to a very nice woman. She said there were two clinics in the network, and since I'd had the bad experience at one I should go to the other. I called the other clinic just to be sure they had someone on staff that was in my health network. They did so we were back out the door. We were in and out of the other clinic within 45 minutes, to include all the paperwork, one phone call to the toll-free number (I don't have my cards yet) and seeing the doctor and nurse. I didn't think they took John's plan so I stopped to pay the $10 co-pay when we were done. Turns out they do take his plan and it cost me nothing.

One more phone call on the way home to find out where I could take her prescriptions. Wa1greens doesn't like to believe you when you tell them that you really DO have a health plan that covers prescriptions, so we got them under John's plan. $18 and one very strange name incident later, we were done and home. Turns out the pharmacist has the same first and middle name as the Child. Both names spelled exactly the same and everything. Very strange. We rarely even meet someone with the same first name, and her middle name is spelled a little strange. It was pretty weird and funny at the same time.

So that is done, the Child is medicated and already feeling a lot better. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the whole insurance thing but it did end up working like it should in the long run. Basically we shouldn't have to pay a dime when we go to the doctor. That is why we have both plans. Eventually the drugs will cost less as well, just need to get the stupid cards in the mail!

This morning was fun. John was making breakfast and I was sipping my coffee in the kitchen. I walked over to the back door to look at all the plants outside. John walked over and all of a sudden we notice a cat that looks a LOT like Oliver. Now, we've seen a few orange tabbys in our yard but this was too strange. John walked out and caught the cat and it turns out it is Oliver. He brought him inside and put him down. As he's brushing the dirt off his shoes and pants (he had to dive into the flower bed to get him), I walked to the front of the house to make sure the front door to the porch was closed. Turns out it wasn't and he'd gone right back outside. We closed the door and took a count of the number of cats in the house. Number we should have: 3. Number we found: 0. So all three cats are outside now. Have I mentioned that none of our cats get to go outside? Ever?

The Child put on some shoes and pretty quickly got Oliver back inside. A few minutes later Spazz was at the front door crying to get back in. That left one little bitch still outside. Child was pretty upset, worrying that her cat had gone across the busy streets or something. She decided to do one more trip around our house and the neighbor's house. She found Kea trapped on the screen porch next door. Silly cat had gotten the door to open to go in but couldn't figure out how to get back out.

All three cats are now back inside and none the worse for wear. We'll be checking the front porch door more often to make sure it latches all the way closed from now on.

We're off to do a little shopping, a little gardening, perhaps a nice lunch out. First, I need to shower and upload some flower pictures in the gallery.

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