April 16, 2005


So as you can see from the photo gallery I linked to last time, I did get an iPod. George the Wonder Pod was born last Saturday and we've been in love ever since. This morning I spent some time figuring out podcasts and finding a few that I might like to listen to on a regular basis.

We're planning a trip to Vegas in August! A good friend of mine is getting married there and so I've corralled Michelle and Les into the mix as well. I think it will be perfect...the four of us in Vegas with no kids! Hopefully we can find some good hotel deals since it will be hotter than hell and most people don't seem to hit Vegas in August when the heat is at it's peak. I figure cars and hotels are air conditioned, so I could care less. If you plan it right, you can practically go from hotel to hotel without being outside much.

We got a new compost bin. I know, please try to keep us reigned in on all the excitement around here! It is one of those giant black tumbler-types that won't gross me out when it needs to be turned. John picked one up for his mom as well, so we're heading over there in a little bit to put it together for her.

Jobs are going well. Child is playing nice with the attitude lately. She's going on a trip with the youth group this summer. 10 whole days without a child in the house! She is practically counting down the days until she can take the test for her learner's permit. I'm trying to stay in denial, but she reminds me all the time. We're thinking of taking her to a school parking lot to let her drive in circles in my car. I don't know if I can be in the car when that is going on, but at least it should be interesting!

Other than that, life is pretty boring around here. I'm spending quality time with George and John is spending quality time with all the power tools out in the garage. He did build a nifty table/bench for the front porch. I needed a place to put plants so that they could get some sun. So far the cats think it is a new place for them to sleep during the day.

I'll try to take some pictures and post them later. He's doing a great job with the yard.

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