April 08, 2005


So I've gotten a few emails about not writing. I'm sorry. It isn't like there is a whole slew of things to write about. The Child got a stomach virus last weekend which she was nice enough to pass on to John and I. I actually missed work on Tuesday, which utterly horrified me since I'd only been there two weeks. Poor John had to do his first day of work after a night of puking. He gets major points for just going in if you ask me.

My little sister is in Vegas this weekend and I wish I was there. My older sister is getting ready to move away from Ohio and really having a hard time with it. I wish I was there as well just to let her know that she's doing the right thing.

John is really enjoying his new job. I'll be enjoying his new paycheck soon. I'm shopping for an Ipod. I was going to go for the mini, but after seeing the cool Bose system my little sister got for hers, I might be sold on the full-size version. I suppose I could always just print some cool skins, right?

I'm going to New Orleans for birthday week. I'm going to go early and spend the weekend with my daddy and step-mom. The rest of the week will be working a conference. I'm cool with that...as long as I'm let loose in the evenings to go eat good food!

In August I'm flying back to WA to visit friends and attend a wedding. I'm totally looking forward to that long weekend! I'm still trying to convince John that it would be prudent of me to rent a convertable just to "test them out" before we buy a new car next year. So far he isn't buying my plan.

Other than that...I swear, there is nothing thrilling going on here. I like it that way now!

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