March 30, 2005


Well let me start off by saying that I feel like an idiot. You'll find out why soon, but trust me...big. idiot.

So on Saturday Chris and Andrea showed up here. I think it goes without saying that I was just beside myself both with nervousness and happiness. Thankfully I was able to speak in complete sentences and at least try and keep a conversation going. It was quite nice having more than an hour to just sit and chat, that is for sure. We spent Saturday evening just talking, and then went to John's mom's house for Easter dinner. It was quite the madhouse with what seemed like a million people. Monday I had to work, but we all had dinner together and then the adults were up pretty late having a few beers and talking.

They left on Tuesday to go meet up with friends in B'ham. Hopefully they will have time to stop back through here on Friday afternoon/evening. Why am I so hopeful about that? Because in the three days they were here, I neglected to take even one damn picture.

I suppose I should just be glad I didn't make an ass out of myself by not talking or something. Still, it would be nice to get a few pictures of the Child and Chris together.

Anyway, the weather is getting nicer, John is closer to starting his new job, the house is all clean, I got to see Chris and meet Andrea, and if needed, I have air conditioning. I don't think I should complain :)

Posted by rowEn at 06:22 PM