March 20, 2005


OK, so obviously when I said "later this weekend" I clearly meant when I get off my ass and download the new pictures to the computer so I can upload them. Not so easy since we've taken to keeping the laptop in the living room and the rest of the stuff is in the office. It might actually happen today though, since we need to finish cleaning up in the office.

We spent yesterday rearranging stuff in the garages so that we could take all the extra boxes out of the guest room. I need to actually use it as a guest room next week and I doubt that my guests would like to be climbing over boxes just to reach the bed. On a plus note, it looks pretty nice in there now! I even got John to run cable into that room, so now there is also a TV and stereo. The Child did laugh at my choice of bedding, telling me that it wasn't very "adult-like" but I love it.

While we were clearing out the boxes, I was also in search of the rope lights we have so I could try to string them up out on the porch. Still haven't found them, so I will have to find alternative lighting for the space. The actual front porch light is just too harsh and bright.

I'm spending the rest of today doing laundry and making sure that I've got a week's worth of clothes clean and ready for the coming week. I'm excited that I finally start working tomorrow. John had an interview last week that sounded promising, so we'll see what comes of it. There are a few other jobs that he's applied for on base that would be nice as well, so we're keeping our fingers crossed. At this point, it would just be nice to have him working days.

I started a bunch of seeds yesterday, so hopefully we'll have nice weather in the next month so I can transplant everything. Since I'm not sure what half the plants are in the yard, I'm not planning a whole bunch of changes until I see what I like and don't like. There are a few things we'll move, mainly so that we've got someplace to plant the veggies. Maybe living in the South now, I'll be able to grow some good veggies?

OK, off to finish laundry and do some ironing. I'll try and post more pictures soon.

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