March 11, 2005


There are some new pictures up in the gallery. You can go directly to them by clicking here.

We've done some more work since I took the pictures, so I'm sure I'll be adding more later this weekend.

John is sleeping now since he has to work this weekend. The Child is still grounded...uber-grounded actually. I don't want to talk about it yet.

I had my appeal hearing this week for unemployment. Should find out next week what the decision is. If they deny it again, I'm not sure if I'll do a second appeal. It is just frustrating feeling like I am a criminal for trying to claim unemployment for a legitimate move. The judge was very nice, so I have a little hope that she'll find in my favor.

Other than that, not a lot going on. Waiting for my packet of paperwork from the personnel office so that I can find out about the new job. Trying to get as much done as possible around here before starting work.

Posted by rowEn at 11:58 AM