March 05, 2005


So we're enclosing the front porch. Hopefully when we are done, we will have a 3-season room and I can kick our smoking habit to the great outdoors. Or the great patio. I took some before pictures this morning while John was at Lowes getting lumber. I need to go take a few more, since he is back at Lowes getting two of the five windows we need. I think we'll be happy if we get one whole wall done tonight.

I grabbed the Child and ran to Target while he was setting up his new tablesaw. We got some funky new sheets for the guest room, four new pillows, a new light for the living room and some new dishtowels. To reward myself for not spending even more money, we got some iced coffees for the ride home.

My back is slowly feeling better. I discovered that Lortab and I don't get along very well. Sure, it kills the pain, but the severe stomach cramps that happen sort of cancel out the painkilling aspect. For the last two days I've only taken the Robaxin and it seems to help. No heavy lifting or quick movements for a while I guess.

I just realized that I don't have any nightstands for the guest room. I'm thinking that for now, I'll just throw some sheets over some of the larger packed boxes and call it a day. I'll figure out something once most of the boxes are gone and I can rearrange things in there. I need to go through the closet and open up some space, or put the hanging rack in that room so that guests can hang stuff up. Right now I have that closet stuffed to the gills.

Well, John should be home soon so I'd better get the pictures taken. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm alive and sorta kicking. A few more weeks and I'll be at work, busy again. I can't wait!

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