February 14, 2005


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! You look great, did I mention that? Are you working out? You look fabu!

John is sleeping right now, having gotten off work at 6am. I'm in the office trying to be quiet and let him sleep for a few more hours. In a little bit I need to go clean up the kitchen again, maybe start some laundry. I think I will just make a nice dinner for the three of us since I'm sure that all places that serve food will be packed to the gills tonight. I'll just pass on sitting around waiting for an hour to eat. I've got some beautiful steaks from Costco that seem to be a foot thick. I think some nice lobster bisque and a garden salad with some shrimp might also be in order. Sound good?

Can you make a mimosa with crystal light orange juice?

This should be the week I hear about one of the jobs. Please keep the good job vibes coming, OK? I'm going bat-shit crazy sitting around here waiting for someone, anyone, to like me enough to hire me.

OK...I'm off to unload the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen so that I can mess it all up for dinner. I still need to come up with a nice dessert. I have a nice assortment of frozen berries in the freezer, so that is a start I suppose. I hope John wakes up soon so I can take a shower without worrying about waking him up.

Have a wonderful day everyone. My present this year is sleeping in my bed. A great lot better than last year, when I was missing him something fierce. It is the only present I asked for...just to have him home. Of course, I would like to go get my nails done tomorrow...

Posted by rowEn at 09:26 AM