February 06, 2005


I can't believe I forgot to log back in and give the potential good news! I have a job interview on Tuesday!

Pretty much right after I'd finished up with Friday's entry, the phone rang. I almost didn't answer, since it seems like the only people who call here during the day are telemarketers. Anyway, it was the call to go for an interview on Tuesday. The best parts? There is more than one opening AND it will be a panel interview, which I actually prefer. So good job vibes on Tuesday would be great. I'm already tired of doing the housewife thing. I thought I could really enjoy it...but no, not so much. I'm bored, the house is clean, I'm bored, the dishes and laundry are done and I'm really bored. I've always worked, so it is time for me to find a job. Hopefully this one pans out, as it is close to the house, good pay and from the sounds of the people on the telephone, I would enjoy working there.

John is returning the new dremel tool we bought yesterday. He started to use it last night and found out that some thingy is stripped or something. I think they had some of the same type, so hopefully he can just get it replaced.

I got some great light blue paint for my bathroom. It is going to be a very "cabana-like" theme in there. Since the floors are already a sand color, I'm going with beach/sky. I looked at some light fixtures yesterday so that I can remove the giant boob-like light fixture already in there. I'd like something flat that gives off good light. And doesn't look like a giant boob. Yes, there will be clouds on the ceiling. I'll have to take some before and after pictures, since I'm pretty sure we can knock it out in about a day or so, once the ceiling is cleared of all the bumpy crap.

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