February 04, 2005


I think it will be warm enough for me to find a place to wash my car today. Which is a good thing, since there are a million and a half trees around my house with lots of damn birds in them.

My list of things to do today:

- Try to get car washed.
- Stop by Re-Habitat* and look for tiles.
- Stop by Lowes and look for lampshades.
- Stop by Lowes or Home Despot and look for paint for kitchen and bathroom.
- Stop by Target for more coffee syrups.
- Figure out what we're getting John's dad for his birthday.
- Possibly start scraping my bathroom ceiling so I can start painting in there.
- Figure out if I have the energy to scrape in the living room, since it makes a furious mess.
- Remember to look at light fixtures at Lowes.
- Find parts to ceiling fan so we can install it in the living room.

John is off this weekend, so we might rip out the tub in WC's bathroom and change it out. Which means I really do need to go find some tiles. It is supposed to be a nice enough day that we won't freeze our asses off trying to figure out how to a) get old tub out of the bathroom and b) get new tub in the bathroom. Once that is done, I can spend next week putting new tiles on her floor in a black and white check pattern.

I really should get moving. I've had coffee, read email, did my job search (applied for three more jobs this week!) and now it is time to get going.

* - Re-Habitat is a cool store where you can find leftover items used during Habitat for Humanity home building. If you don't need a whole box or bag of this and that, you can go in there and see what they've got. Very good prices and the proceeds go to the parent organization.

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