February 01, 2005


I know. No new updates and whatnot. Whatever. I don't have a life, so get over it already!

John took a job at a plant that manufactures various CD/DVD/VHS movies. No, he isn't doing porn if that is your first question.

I'm pretty torn about the job, as much as it takes a lot of pressure off of me to either find a job or find a way to make WA pay me my DUE unemployment. The job pays about what *I* was making in WA. Personally, I find it humiliating on his behalf. We're still waiting to hear about a few other jobs, but at this point I'm not crossing my fingers. It really sucks to hear that he was the second choice or something for the other jobs that he has applied for.

Speaking of jobs...NO, nothing new on my job front, though I'm looking every single day. I thought that the South was a place of manners. Evidently that does not include searching for jobs, since I haven't even gotten a "fuck off and don't contact us further!" letter or anything.

Today I spent the day (after the requisite job search of course!) being a housewife. This shit is hard people! I had to stop by the bank and get a debit card for John's account, go to BB&B to get a spice rack (where I also splurged on a Misto, which I already love!), stop at Tarjet for some coffee syrup and a few movies, then off to the commissary. In case you were wondering what movies I bought, I got "Ray" and "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle". Shut up, since that movie made me laugh more while John was gone more than any other movie!! Anyway, I went to the store and bought more than enough food for two weeks. Then, to make sure I had enough, I drug the WildChild along to Costco with me to buy more stuff. I must admit that the majority of my purchase was wine, but whatever, right?

So, to recap: John is working in a job that is about four levels beneath him, I'm still looking for a job as well as preparing to fight for my unemployment, the WildChild is still going to school every day, and I have wine.

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