January 28, 2005


So the state denied my unemployment claim. Evidently when your military husband retires, that isn't a good enough reason for them to pay you when you move.

They got the letter from me from when I was locked out of the system, where I'd explained WHY he chose to get out. What I didn't explain was the whole retirement process, etc. So they just denied the benefits. No phone call for clarification, nothing.

This sucks donkeys. Really. I apply for jobs every week and, so far, haven't even gotten a phone call, letter telling me to screw off...nothing. If I go do temp work, I disqualify myself from claiming unemployment by doing intermittent jobs for minimum wage. Do you know how many "clerical" positions were listed in this past Sunday's paper? THREE. Yeah, I applied for them but still haven't heard a word. I have applied for anything I'm even remotely qualified for on base, since hopefully they don't mind that I've been a military wife for the past few decades.

It isn't supposed to be this hard. I'm not supposed to be screwed over yet again for marrying this man and living this life.

Posted by rowEn at 11:32 AM