January 18, 2005


Am I really this grown up?

I have a house people. I'm 38 years old and I have a house. With a foundation and crappy wiring and a sump pump and crappy wiring and a fireplace and crappy wiring and lots of ceiling fans and crappy wiring and did I mention the crappy wiring?

We were installing a ceiling light given to us by my mother in law (the saint!). John had his little gadget thingy that told him if wires were hot or not. This should not be confused with the website of the same name, as a cute 16yo chick standing in my dining room is NOT going to tell me if my overhead light works or not. Anyhow, we commenced trying to install said light. Nothing worked. He would check wires, we would connect the light, he would turn on the breaker and BAM...no light. This happened a few times before we gave up (and he had to leave to pick up the Child from a church-sponsored weekend) and resigned ourselves to darkness in the dining room for another night.

We have wiring in this house that is covered with cloth it is THAT old. There are also newer wires that seemingly don't go anywhere. Not from the overhead light to any switch that we can find nor from the overhead old lighting.

He finally got the light to work if one of the swiches is in one position.

Yeah, we'll eventually be redoing most of the wiring in the house. Did I mention that about 95% of the outlets are not grounded? Yeah...fun times in this household!!!

So I'm still unemployed. I've applied for a bazillion jobs but most people around here seem to operate under the "hey, your resume looks like that of a military wife!" theory and haven't called me back.

I also found out that the state of WA seems to think that it is OK to wait 6 weeks after I start my claim to even think about determining if I am eligible for benefits. Fuckers. No, don't send me a letter telling me such...just wait until I have three hours to sit and play the redial game before telling me that I have at least three more weeks to claim before they will even contact the state of AL to find out if I can claim benefits.

You want to make life easier for military wives? Contact your congressperson and tell them that denying benefits for moving spouses is just wrong.

I've spent the last 19 years following this man around at the whim of the Army. I've been unable to establish retirement accounts with employers or anything of the like, mostly because we don't spend enough time in one place. Evidently, this is all my fault now. Because we bought a house and moved here, I now have to wait more than six weeks (while filing job search claims) to even find out of I am eligible to get unemployment from WA. Yeah...thank you employers. My husband spent 22 years defending this country and getting shitty pay. I spent more than a few moves wondering how we were going to make rent/utilities since I wasn't eligible to even file unemployment. Thank you for recognizing both of our sacrifices. Really...it means the world to us. My mortgage company thanks you, my credit bureau thanks you....but most of all,I'd just like to say FUCK YOU for not spelling this out or not even sending me a letter telling me what was going on.

John has an interview tomorrow. Job vibes are readily accepted!

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