January 05, 2005

no, not dead

I know, I still need to recap the past few weeks, don't I?

The quick and dirty: We left WA, I was sick. We drove through OR, I was sick. We drove through all kinds of weather in CA, I was sick. We went through AZ, NM, and TX...I was sick. We stopped in Breaux Bridge to see my dad, I was sick. We got home to AL, I was sick. Christmas? Sick. I did a lot of sleeping and even more coughing, but I'm finally starting to feel better and I'm not making people run away in fear when I cough now.

New Years? We were in Breaux Bridge with my dad and Eileen. We ate all kinds of wonderful food. We got the Child to eat alligator and then she stole some of my alligator dinner since she liked it well enough. We went to the Blue Moon and listened to zydeco and cajun music for New Years. We went boating on the bayou. We had a wonderful time and I need to plan another trip to see them when we can spend more time.

The house? Slowly coming together. We're redoing the Child's bathroom as one of her Christmas presents. We painted over the green, scraped and re-mudded the ceiling, and we'll be painting it a dark purple color. We got a cool shower curtain and rugs for in there. We got some clouds window film rather than putting up any blinds or anything. The last thing to do in there will be to have the tub refinished. John thinks we can do it ourselves...I'd rather pay someone to do it so that it looks brand new. We're still talking about that part. :)

We are going to unpack more boxes this morning and perhaps go out and do some yardwork since it is going to be 70 degrees here today. I know...70!!!

There are a bunch more pictures in the gallery that I uploaded this morning.

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