December 24, 2004


I'm still not feeling 100%. I'll wait a few more days before telling you about driving for five days with a fever and severe chest cold. I'll wait a few more days to tell you about how much I'm now hating unpacking boxes.

I've put up some pictures and I'm sure I'll have some more after this weekend. We've got some family things to do tomorrow and Sunday and then next Thursday we're off to my Dad's house again to spend New Years in the bayou :)

Yvette, I hope you are having a very Happy Birthday!!!!! I'll send a card as soon as I can stop coughing :)

Merry Christmas everyone...John and WC should be home from Christmas Eve services soon (I chose not to disturb the whole thing with my involuntary coughing fits!) so I'm going to cut this short and enjoy the rest of the evening with them. I hope Santa brings everyone what they want!

Posted by rowEn at 05:32 PM