December 15, 2004

Thank You

In case those of you reading hadn't noticed, I'm a big wuss when it comes to saying goodbye to people. That said, I've chosen this way to let my co-workers know what they mean to me.

Dear LASA Volunteers,

I want you all to know that you have inspired me to find ways to help whatever community I am living in. Your generosity with your time and love will not be a lesson forgotten. To watch a team of volunteers come together every day, every week, every month to keep an office working still floors me even a year later. I've listened to the rude clients, the stressed out parents, the delusional homeless people...all of them. I've listend and watched you all do your jobs with grace, understanding, and love. Thank you all for your kind words, your well wishes, and your lessons.

Dear LASA Staff,

I know this will surprise you all, but just typing out that Dear... line has me in tears. I firmly believe that people come in and out of our lives at the right time. I hope that the job at the shelter was to teach me that you can be far richer by being fulfilled by your job rather than your bank account. I will miss my morning coffee when you come in. I will miss being the "bad one" :) I will miss the words of wisdom when I needed them most.

Most of all? I will miss going to work every day, looking forward to seeing everyone. Never have I had a job where I didn't dread part of going to work. I already miss you all.

With love and respect,

Posted by rowEn at 08:00 PM