December 09, 2004


Just a, I have no idea why my comments aren't loading. I do know that I was hit pretty hard by comment spam the other night and I have a feeling the host closed down my comments. Either way, I'm tired of going in and deleting thousands of comments about online poker, xxx-rated sites and comments directing me to buy various drugs. Comments are closed people.

You can click on that little "notes on the wall..." link there to the right and just email me, ok?

I emailed a bunch of people this morning with the latest news and updates on the moving and such. In a nutshell: household goods getting picked up this morning, cats travelling with us in the cars, big concert tonight with The Child and The Boy. Stress level? Off the fucking charts. Tears shed? We won't go there yet.

House in Alabama? Flooded basement with six feet of water. Yeah, we thought that sucked as well. My mother in law (who should be sainted by the end of our move) had the water pumped out, got the sump pump plugged in (which would be WHY it flooded in the first place!) and found out that our home warranty will actually cover the replacement of the water heater that was on the floor of the basement. When we get there we'll be putting all the fans and a dehumidifier down there to prevent any nastys from growing.

Welcome to homeownership!!

Posted by rowEn at 08:49 AM