November 14, 2004

30-some days left

We're still in "holy shit, we're moving soon!!!" mode. For example, this morning we pulled out the washer, dryer and fridge so we could clean the floors underneath. People, this is not something I suggest you put off for two years. Really. There is some scary shit under there and the least you can do is have another person present for emotional support. The good thing is though, it won't be nearly as bad to do in a month when we're cleaning this place from top to bottom.

The packers should be here on December 6th to pack us all up over that the day and the following two. Actual "take all my shit and put it on a truck" day will be the 9th. Then we'll have about four days to finish cleaning in here without any of our stuff here in to get in the way.

We're shooting to ship off the cats and the wildchild on/about the 15th. We're driving out of here at 0'dark thirty on the 16th.

I'll have some pictures up in the gallery later today. Yesterday John was a celebrity scooper at the opening of a Coldstone Creamery in Lakewood. He had a good time and was a good sport about the whole "singing for tips" thing. I kinda sorta mighta left that singing part out when I told him he was asked to scoop ice cream for an hour.

Well, John and the Child should be back home in a little bit so I think I'll go wash the few dirty dishes in the sink and get ready to pull out the stove and clean back there. I hope he remembers to get me the new U2 CD so I can either enjoy it or mock it.

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