November 04, 2004

things to do

Sorry for not updating. Been just a little busy the last few weeks.

John was able to pick up his retirement orders this week. Yes people....after 22 years, he's finally done!

We did a major house cleaning last weekend. I would imagine that this weekend we'll start going through the storage areas and weeding out all the crap we don't want to move across the country. I've been trying to make a mental list of things we need to do in the next 43 days.

Dad, I haven't seen you online, but John and I should be driving through about the 21st of December. I'll know for sure in a few weeks. It will just be John and I, but I'm planning on driving back down right after Christmas with Mara to spend a few days with you and Eileen if that is OK.

Everyone else....we're taking the southern route from Seattle at least as far south as LA, possibly to Vegas, to El Paso, then the southern route through Texas, a stop in southern Louisiana and then on to Alabama. If you'd like us to stop and say hi, buy us coffee/lunch/dinner or anything else, just drop me a line.

I'm off to bed in a few minutes. Have a good one and I'll try and update a little more often as well as putting up some new pictures.

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