October 25, 2004

A Year...

It is over today. In just a few hours I will drive to the other side of base with the Child and we shall pick John up. It is killing me to know that he's already there and will most likely end up waiting more than an hour to see us.

A year ago when I was feeling very sorry for myself, I posted a list of things that I would end up doing by myself. I did all of them and then some.

I cooked a huge Thanksgiving dinner for me and the Child.

I cried on the phone as I was wishing him a Merry Christmas since he was going out to support other troops and I wasn't sure we'd get to talk to him.

I cried on Christmas Eve as I went to bed alone after setting out all the presents for the Child.

I cried a lot for the first few months.

I made some awesome friends with other wives who had deployed husbands as well.

I lost a bunch of weight.

I cut a bunch of my hair off.

I figured out how to keep the stupid tent thingy in the backyard from falling over again after all the snow we had.

I did go to my reunion alone after making plans for him to be here with me.

I bought a house all by myself, again after making plans for him to be there with me.

I figured out how to change the headlights in my Jetta.

I installed a CD changer in it as well.

I found out that our daughter is pretty amazing and strong.

I found out that I can be patient when needed, and "the meanest mom in the world" when needed as well.

I'm still a lousy housekeeper, but I didn't need him to leave to teach me that.

I found out that while we can go on with our lives while he's not here, it takes a whole lot of joy out of most things.

I have missed him hard this past year.

Now, in three hours, I'll get to see him, to touch him, to hold him in my arms and not let go until I want to. I'll get to talk to him before going to sleep and talk some more when we wake up.

Welcome home baby...

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