October 24, 2004


I wasn't quite sure how to label this entry. Should it be under General? Deployment?

I finally settled on deployment, since that is what ended up happening to my husband.

I want to talk about the draft, or, more accurately, the lack of draft right now and what Kerry is referring to a "backdoor draft".

I know that many people started talking about the draft when thousands of individuals who are IRR status were recalled to active duty. What about those people who have done more than the required 8 years duty to this country?

Do you know that there are hundreds if not thousands of soldiers deployed right now that have already completed the active duty time that they signed up for? Do you know that there are soldiers that have completed more than the required time for RETIREMENT that are deployed? You should know that. You should know that because my husband is one of those people.

This past June we should have been out of the military. We should have been moving into a house that we purchased together and starting our "second" lives. Lives that weren't dictated to us. Instead, this past June I got informed that after 7.5 months of not seeing my husband, I would still have to wait to see him. I had to wait to see him because he was deployed.

There is a backdoor draft and it is called Stop Loss. Stop Loss means that the military has decided that your job is too critical to let you go. Stop Loss means that the military can declare everyone in a specific unit "required" and send them on deployment. Stop Loss means that the military can keep you as long as they deem needed.

Should you be worried about young men (or women) being forced into military service? No. No, you shouldn't worry about that because people like my husband and soldiers that serve with him are being forced to serve longer than they contracted for. They are serving at the whim of the military right now.

Eventually 'you' (as a country, a country that votes for a president and his cabinet) are going to have to loosen your grip on my husband and just let him go. I don't know what is going to happen then. I don't know if the military is going to still be able to function when they have a mass exodus. It isn't happening now because they don't let it happen. I don't know if people are going to be willing to put their lives on the line for money or an education. If you ask the President, you should be able to get an education now without going into the military. I highly suggest taking him up on that offer.

Don't sign your life over to the military.

You might not get it back.

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There are some new pictures in the gallery. There will be more later today. No, he's not home yet....but soon, very soon :)

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