October 13, 2004


Let me tell you what is hard...

Both yesterday and today, there have been news reports about soldiers from TFO being killed. TFO, for those haven't been playing the home game, is Task Force Olympia. That is the task force to which our Stryker brigade is attached.

Hard is knowing that there are now families out there, right this very minute, being told that the soldier they have been waiting a year for isn't going to come, at least not how they thought.

Hard is trying to process the daily news, and temper that with the joy and anticipation that we're feeling, hoping that MY soldier comes home soon, safe and sound.

Hard is reading about the plans that families had already made for their soldier to come home. Hard is reading notes from a father, preparing himself to fly overseas to visit his injured son. Hard is just knowing that there's a wife or mother out there, in tears.

Soldiers are still getting killed every day. Soldiers are dying for a big, fat lie. Families are being ripped apart and nobody can give us a good enough reason for that.

Get out and fucking vote, OK?

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