October 12, 2004


Do you ever just feel like you are in a holding pattern?

I feel like my life is being lived like that right now. Like we're circling the airport but not allowed to land just yet. Like we are stuck inside this bubble, just waiting for it to pop.

I want to scream from the rooftops that I KNOW when he'll be here. Not quite allowed to do that yet. Well, I know the last possible day for him to be here. Subject to change with the phases of the moon, tides, weather and someone's moods I suppose.

The Child and I are fine, really we are. We're trying to keep the house clean. We're doing laundry. We're recording a bunch of stuff off the tivo for John. We're not arguing every single day. I'm waiting rather impatiently for her progress report, which I should have by the end of this week.

I've got a wive's meeting to attend tonight. Two other meetings this week for work. I've got dinners to make and more laundry to do. I've got to finish getting an outfit together for the ball in December. I've got to start planning for our move, in case we find out at the last minute that we can leave when we want to leave. I've got to get John's dress blues and dress greens to the tailor to have more stripey-stuff sewn on.

I sit here with a self-imposed gag on, not able to say much. Sorry for the lack up updates!

PS - Daddy, I am not ignoring your birthday! I have to finish getting a box together, then the presents for you and Eileen will be mailed. Or maybe I'll just deliver them in person!

PSS - Little sister, you'd better get online and talk to me damnit!

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