September 24, 2004

09.24.2004 15 days

I've been at work for almost three hours now. It is just now 9am. How sick is that? I feel like it should be lunch time, seeing as how I had toast at 345am.

I was pretty good, if not very quiet. I didn't cry until I had to say goodbye to him as he got up to board the plane. I keep telling myself "one more month" but today? Not helping so much.

I had a mantra as I was driving to the airport this morning. "This should be the last time I ever have to do this." I'm glad that this year-long deployment happened at the end of his career. I honestly don't know how women do this more than once.

I miss him something awful today. I'm going to get whatever work done that needs to be done and then I'm heading home a little early. I'd like a nap. I'd like some comfort food. I'd like a nice Cosmo. I'd also like it to be the end of October already.

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