September 20, 2004

Murphy must hate us!

So I woke up very late yesterday morning. I don't know how or why, but I slept until almost noon. It was quite lovely actually. I woke up to the Child and John, camped out in the living room playing video games. Ate some breakfast and then we decided that we'd go to the Puyallup Fair.

Before we left, the Child threw some of her clothes into the washer so that they would wash while we were gone. John and I both immediately noticed that the washer wasn't sounding quite right. He messed around with the dial for a bit and eventually it stopped making the loud noise it had been making, but we haven't tested it anymore with a new load of clothes.

We got to the Fair and had a really good time. We ate lots of good food. The Child rode some rides. We walked and walked and walked and walked. It was a very good day. We trekked on back to where we had parked the car. Got everything all loaded up and headed for home. We were getting close to entering the freeway when I told John that the car didn't quite feel right. We're now entering the freeway. John said the car is pulling a lot to the right, maybe we should get the alignment checked. Again I said it just doesn't feel right. He pulled off the freeway onto the median and yes, we have a flat tire on the rear right.

Come to find out, there is a locking lug on that tire. A locking lug to which we have no key. Now, I don' t ever remember seeing one in the car after we purchased it in 2002. John claims we had one, I claim we didn't. Both points are moot since there isn't a key in the car at the present time. We had to pile back into the car and drive very slowly off the freeway and around a few corners to a gas station.

I called the first taxi company, one that I know has stickers to get on base. It will be at least a two-hour wait before they can get someone out to us. Called the second taxi company....same deal. They referred me to a third company that said they could be out to us within about 15 minutes. Cool deal, right? Not so cool once we hit the gate. The gate guard had the taxi pull over while he kept our ID cards in his hand. The first thing he did was insult my husbad by calling him "Mister". Then he said that we'd have to turn around and go get a gate pass at the main gate, even though we live on the North side of post. We paid the taxi driver and got out of the car. The three of us walked from the gate all the way to the house.

John has made some phone calls about trying to find the key for the locking lug but hasn't had much luck in tracking one down. We quite possibly will either have to buy a new set of locking lugs so that we can get the key, or order one from Volkswagon.

He had the car towed to a tire place in Puyallup and then called me on my cell. He wanted to know where the car key was to the Jetta. I told him that I'd put the key (which is the ONLY key we have, keep that in mind) on HIS key ring this morning before we left the house. He doesn't have it. He got the car taken care of and said he'd go home to check and see if the key was in the kitchen or something. He found it laying in our driveway. Don't even ask me how it got there...I had nothing to do with it!

So the car should be getting at least one new tire today. We will find some way to solve the "not having the damn locking lug key" problem before he leaves again. I still don't know what is wrong with the washer but suspect that when I get home later today it will be in parts in my kitchen.

I'm tired...I need another weekend to recover from my weekend!

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