September 07, 2004

09.07.2004 Day 298

There are a few new, random pictures over in the gallery.

So first off, John will read this and probably pee himself laughing.

See...I have a "thing" about spiders. I don't like them. Any of them. Not. One. So I'm sitting here tonight. Got the headphones on, listening to some music. I had just finished up some stuff for work tomorrow and something caught my attention up on the wall. I look up and there is a spider, inching it's way across the wall. Like any non-rational person, I looked for a shoe that has a nice, flat bottom on it. Obviously my collection of Docs in here are useless when it comes to killing bugs. Way too many nooks and crannies for said bug to dodge my wrath.

So I find a shoe. One of my blue Converse if you must know. I stand up and whack the spider. It falls to the floor behind the desk. Since I know my desk doesn't touch the actual wall, and I don't think that this particular spider can jump, I must be safe, right? (I mean really, if it could jump, it would have jumped out of the way of the shoe or something...that is my logic!)

Put the headphones back on and get situated back in the chair. Start to type up a few reminders in myself and getting ready to send the docs back to work so I have them in the morning. Over the top of the laptop screen I see the spider. Obviously my aim was not as good as I intended. It is now winding it's way back up a web strand or something. Fucking flying if you ask me.

Roll chair back to the shoe stand and grab shoe again. Put glasses on so that I don't miss this time. Whack spider. I swear I watched it fall back down behind the desk again. Roll back to shoe stand and put shoe away, again. Roll back to computer and get ready to type. Look down at keyboard and see balled up dead spider smack dab in the middle of keyboard. Try not to scream. Turn laptop and blow spider down behind back of desk. I know, I should have just gotten a tissue or something but I also have a irrational fear that said spider will somehow come back to life and jump on me now.

I hate spiders.

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