September 05, 2004

09.05.2004 day 296

I have a bunch of typing and such to do for work this weekend. Of course, I haven't done it yet, but I'll get it done this afternoon most likely.

I took the Child shopping yesterday. We bought some pretty cool school supplies, a bunch of new t-shirts, a few new sweatjackets (she refuses to wear a real coat), some new shoes, a new messenger bag....I think that is about it. She was pretty psyched to realize that the little bento lunchbox that I have will fit in her bag so she can use it for lunches.

Surprisingly, it was a very pleasant day with hardly any disagreements. We had a few reminders from me that her wardrobe will NOT consist of a bunch of black shit. A few things here and there...fine. We're going to ease her back out of the punk rock goth shit and back into being a regular kid. She did talk to me a little bit about some girls she would still like to be friends with. I stated my case for why she shouldn't be friends with them. They are talking about going out partying, talking about thinking they are ready for sex. These are things that I talk to the Child about and make very clear that her age is just too young to be doing either. I know that there are kids in every school doing those things. I worry that kids are doing things younger and younger these days. Can't I just protect her for as long as possible?

We're going to hang around the house today. We have a little bit of housework to get done. I'd like to make sure that the house is all clean and organized before the beginning of school. I think that it will be good for both of us, to have everything in place and whatnot. Less to worry about, right?

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