September 01, 2004

09.01.2004 day 292

When did I get so damn organized that by 630am the dishes are done and a load of laundry is in the washer? The cats are fed, the fish are going to be fed in a few minutes, and I am drinking coffee.

It is September. It actually feels like it today, since it is going to be rainy and cooler all day. After today though, we're back to our summer-like weather.

I've told the Child that she can go to central Washington with her friend for a few days. This would be the one friend she has that I actually trust her with. She leaves tonight after I get home from work and will be back on Friday while I'm at work. It wasn't that long, so I didn't see a problem in her going. A nice little excursion for her and a small little mental break for me. Must have time to gear up for the pending arguments over clothes and TV time soon, right?

I missed chatting with John last night. Seems that he didn't feel well and decided to sleep in a bit rather than get up and chat with me. How do you get angry at that?

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