August 29, 2004

8.29.2004 day 289

I am quite pleased with myself. I talked to the Child all the way home from the airport after I picked her up. I didn't scream, didn't swear, didn't even threaten her. I just told her what I knew, told her how things were going to be and how little trust we have in her right now. She was fairly quiet. I also talked to her about things in the house that had been broken before she left. She admitted to me that she'd been messing around on the elliptical machine and that was how the light cover on the ceiling fan got broken. I didn't yell. I thanked her for telling me the truth.

I don't know if being apart for two months has made me more patient with her or what. Maybe it is the weekly Porch Night? Every week I know that I can go meet with my friend and pretty much say whatever I want or need and she's not going to think any less of me for it. We noticed last night that our drinking during Porch Night has decreased dramatically. Mostly we just have coffee now. It is a wonderful way to just touch base every week, relax and have a nice time with a good friend.

I woke up this morning early. Instead of coming out and instantly turning on the TV or logging onto the computer, I just laid on the couch and daydreamed about our new house. I'm trying to imagine all the colors that I would like to paint everything. Can we put wood floors down in the dining room and kitchen that won't clash with the living room? Can I find the perfect shade of "coffee with cream" brown for the kitchen and dining room? Can I knock down the walls between the laundry room and dining room? The wall between the dining room and living room? Will I find the perfect color for our master bath? Will I find the perfect style of bedding for the Child's room? Can I create a nice space in the guest bedroom? Can I totally re-do the style of our master bedroom?

I'm still kicking myself for not having my camera on the last day we were in the house. I've been trying to remember what kind of light is in the kitchen. I just remember that I'd like to change it. The fixture in the dining room is pretty, but I don't think that it will end up going with the style I hope to find for in there. Surprisingly, I found some great furniture in the Sunday flyer from Fred Myer. Very retro and cool looking. The Child loved everything so maybe we will go start picking up bits and pieces over the next few weeks. There was even a nice bakers rack that matched the table and chairs. The size is perfect for the little dining room we have for now.

I'm dying to move. If I could, I would pack us up right now and get us to Alabama as soon as possible.

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