August 23, 2004


This was written on the laptop while I was in Alabama. I swear, I'm working on getting pictures up. I have to go perform some sort of sacrifice and get my gallery software working again. Or, ya know, perhaps just update it. Anyway, this was what I wrote...

August 23,2004

I am almost a homeowner now! There was a mistake on one set of paperwork and the mortgage company needs to fix it and resend it to the attorney's office, then I can go back and complete that portion. Then I get the keys and we're done. It is our home.

My hand is killing me from all the signing I had to do this morning. Not only did I have to sign everything with my name, I also had to sign John's name, then add mine again, then add "atty in fact" to that. Talk about getting writer's cramp! It is worth it though. So worth it.

We went directly from the airport to the house so that I could see it. I did take some pictures and will be working on getting them uploaded as soon as I can. Later on today or tomorrow, I'll go back over with a pen and paper, making a map of the whole house as well as measurements of all the rooms and window placements and whatnot. I'd like to be able to figure out where I can place everything.

I haven't heard from John since Thursday, which sort of bothers me. I wish he could have been here with me when I did the closing. I'm happy and all, but it just won't feel right until he's at the house with me and able to plan everything out. I left him a few messages and told him how beautiful the house is. I don't want to get my hopes up that he'll be able to come home for leave, but really, I do. I just miss him so much.

I forgot to ask the owners if there are hardwood floors all over the first floor. I'd really like to take up the carpets in the bedrooms and refinish them if possible. I am not real fond of the flooring that they picked for the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room, but that is something we can fix on our own and do what we like. There is a lot of painting that needs to be done, mainly because I just don't like all the colors they used. The green wouldn't be quite so bad, but it is a lot darker than I'd like. I am going to have a great time over the next few months, picking out paint colors and figuring out what will move with us and what will either be given away or taken to the dump.

I still can't believe we bought it. We have a house. A real house that is ours. No permission needed to make changes. No permission needed to drill holes or paint walls or rip up carpeting or replace tiles. A real, live house that hopefully we will live in for years and years to come.

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