August 09, 2004


So my host is moving servers. For some reason my webspace has grown to like over a gig of space. I know there wasn't that much crap there before. I also can't seem to delete anything. Or login and get my email, which sucks.

It should all be done by this coming friday, so until then please either click on the link in the sidebar over there or something. If you use the @backbite address I will likely not see it for a week or so.

I had a good weekend. Got a new tattoo on Friday night (picture here). I'd been considering it for a while...I needed something on my left foot to balance out the tat on my right ankle.

On Saturday I putzed around the house, talked to John online for a bit and then went off to Porch Night at Michelle's house. Had a very nice time just sitting and chatting.

On Sunday she had a party for her daughter's first birthday. We ate like pigs and I came home stuffed and full of carbs. It was a lot of fun, and great conversation as usual.

Just counting down the days until John is here for his leave. Can't even say weekS now...and we're almost out of double-digit days :)

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