August 01, 2004


Holy cow, it is already August!

I feel like I've been busy since I landed Tuesday night. Today I'm spending the majority of the day cleaning off the tivo for John and doing housework. So far I have almost cleaned off the coffee table here in the living room, started hours 5 and 6 for taping, done all the dishes, started the laundry. I still have to put all the little extra stuff from the suitcase away, since it is all sitting here on the floor in a pile. In a little bit I will evict the cats from the sofas and vacuum them to death...the sofas, not the cats. They made themselves quite at home on the back cushions while I was gone so I need to de-hair everything.

John has now been gone for eight and a half months. There are days when it feels like he just left yesterday. I still can't believe that it has been that long since I've seen his face. Hopefully I'll be seeing it in a little under three weeks now :)

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