July 26, 2004

20 years

I've learned a few things this weekend...

- When you don't really give a damn what your old high school classmates think of you, your 20th reunion can be a lot of fun!

- When you find out the dirt on the cheerleader, the reunion becomes a lot more fun!

- You can tell who hooked up with who after the get-together on Friday night.

- Some people are never going to remember who you are, but that is fine, since you don't remember who the hell they are either.

- People will give you a picture of yourself when you were seventeen and looking your best...except for those giant plastic-framed glasses and that silly knotted bandana around your neck.

- One of the guys you had a crush on will immediately bring up a moment that had you mortified in high school. He will immediately make it better by explaining that he was just too shy to call.

- You will hear things about your classmates that would shock most people. You, however, will just raise your glass and tell them to go on with their badass selves.

- You can tell who got fake boobs. It won't be pretty.

- You will be surprised at the people that talk to you and remember who you are. It will be a pleasant surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.

- Someone will have a car that you would almost sell your child to own.

- One of the highlights of the weekend will be seeing your friend's parents.

- You will go to the Friday get-together having had about three hours total sleep, not all consecutive. This will, evidently, make you quite interesting. And drunk faster.

- You will not get much sleep on Friday or Saturday night...and you'll be OK.

- You will discover that teenage girl softball players are vindictive little bitches and will set the fire alarm off at 7am on Sunday as retribution for your reunion friends decending on the hotel at midnight.

- You will also discover that you can't turn the fire alarm off by slapping the alarm clock or answering the telephone.

- People seem to be very interested in the fact that your tongue is pierced.

- Even on Monday morning you won't quite understand why people are so interested in that fact.

- You'll write this on Monday morning, without a hangover, because you have an hour to kill before going to meet up with your friends.

- You'll be glad you spent the money to come.

Here is the picture I was given. This was our Breakfast Club, 2nd period.

RHS 1984 Breakfast Club

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