July 16, 2004


Not a whole lot going on this week.

I did a whole bunch of financial paperwork stuff and signed and initialed and read and faxed and it made me a little tired. I also had to fax all the paperwork to NWA again, since they (not)surprisingly had no record of my request for the refunds. According to the woman on the phone I should have the money before I trek off to Ohio for a few days. I promise not to spend it all on stupid stuff. Or booze. OK, maybe a little booze, but only when I have a designated driver!

Spent a nice evening yesterday chatting with John on the computer. He seems to think that he will be home just in time for the closing. Personally I don't think he'll make it, but who knows. He suggested we leave the WildChild there until he and I both get there, then we can all fly home on the same day. Yeah...he and the child will fly together, while I fly on the second half of my r/t ticket. I'm not buying the ticket until I know for sure what date we'll close the house.

Speaking of the house...I don't know anything more than I knew the other day. I was pretty tickled to see that it isn't listed on realtor.com or the MLS website where I'd originally seen it. That sort of made it feel more real, like we really are buying it. John's uncle last told me that he would make arrangements for an inspection. I haven't heard from him, but he might have been waiting until John's mom was home from vacation.

The Child...well, it seems as though she has pneumonia. She went to the doctor today (glad I sent along that medical POA!) and got a breathing treatment. The doctor still heard a bunch of rattling afterward so she's on a few kinds of meds. I had to laugh. She was telling me this over IM this evening and said, "...the doctor said I have amonia." Don't ever accuse her of being a good listener!

Tomorrow will be spent going to the tanning salon, shopping for water timers, searching for some kind of fish feeder that will work in the saltwater tank and, finally, Porch Night with my friend. I think we're renting movies. I'm positive that alcohol will be involved.

Have a great weekend!

PS - Happy Birthday to the WildChild and her Gran! I wish I was there to celebrate with you both.

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