July 11, 2004

A home

Today I ran back into work to get the faxed copy of the clean offer. It was pretty wild, sitting there in the kitchen at work, signing and initialing everything. I just keep thinking "wow, this is really IT...we're buying a house!"

I got an email from John, but I'm not 100% sure that he knows that we got the house...that our offer was accepted. I know that this is really the eptiome of being a military family...buying a house without seeing it in person.

I hate the fact that John isn't here to share all of this with me. I miss that we didn't get to go walking through homes together, talking about what we like and don't like. Really...I just miss him a whole lot right now. This is a monumental step for us. Our first house. And we're doing the whole process from different sides of the globe.

We're going to have a home. A home where we can paint and paper and decorate and put as many holes in the wall as we like. We're going to have a fireplace that we can use. We're going to have our own backyard where I can plant what I like without worrying about having to take it all back out. We're going to have a guest room so that my family can come visit. We're going to have a home where we will make memories with holidays and birthdays and regular old weekends.

I've done all this...and I want him here to share with me.

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