July 02, 2004

Mint Juleps

I decided that I needed to bring home some of the monster mint we have growing at the office. I also decided that I needed to dip into the nice bottle of bourbon that was just sitting there up in the cupboard. You know that can only mean one thing, right?

Yes kids...tonight is Mint Julep night. I just made one as a matter of fact. I used Splenda instead of powdered sugar. I would imagine since I don't 'do' sugar anyway, I wouldn't get a whole lot of degradation in the concoction.

I muddled the mint at the bottom of the glass with a splash of water and a dash of splenda. I added the bourbon and ice and gently stirred until the glass was sweating. Taste. Added a dash more sugar and then it was perfect.

Sadly, I only won $2 in tonight's Mega Millions drawing. Guess that means I have to go to work on Tuesday.

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