June 29, 2004

X is for .... I have no idea

I'm at a loss for X. Really.

We're busy at work, getting ready to write some reports that are due twice a year. Everyone hates writing them as much as I do. Thank goodness for interns!

No wireless yet. I was chatting with John on IM this evening and running back and forth between TVs, recording all the backed up shows on TiVo. Once I get them set, I'll hook up the wireless on them and pray that they work.

Watering the grass and flowers. Haven't killed anything yet so I'm taking it as a good sign. Should have a few more rose pictures to put up tomorrow. One of the rose bushes in back has the most beautiful white roses with pink tips. I can't wait until it is in bloom. The Deer Off seems to be working and they haven't munched any more of the plants. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Spent an extreme (look! An x!) amount of time on hold today with the airlines trying to figure out what I have to do to get refunds for the plane tickets John wont' be using now. Hopefully I have all the right information but trust me, I'll be writing a long letter to them about their customer service as well as the lack of training in their operators. I can only hope that some other military wife wasn't ripped off for the fees we don't have to pay when our soldiers can't use the tickets.

I'm sill so sad about John not coming home. He says there might be a chance in August but I'm not counting on anything. It hurts way too much to get my hopes all up and have them dashed. Still feels like someone has punched me in the chest and just walked off. I miss him horribly and can't wait until he is home. I'll just plan on 4.5 more months and then be pleasantly surprised if it is sooner.

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