June 22, 2004

Q is for Quick and Quiet

I meant to write something with Q yesterday, I really did. But then I came home from work and had dinner with the Child. Then we went to see the Harry Potter movie because she hadn't seen it yet and because we knew the theater would be air conditioned.

This is the last morning of trying to get her to move just a little faster in the mornings. She's finally in the shower now...though I'm sure I will have to go knock on the door in 20 minutes and ask if she is done yet. She is getting on that big jet plane today to fly to gran's house. I'm very excited but not for the reasons that most people would think. I'm thrilled that she'll be around "normal" kids who do "normal" things rather than kids that dress like little goth wannabes. I'm hoping that they are a good influence on her. I'm glad that she'll be away from about 99% of her friends here. I'm really glad that I already talked to my mother in law about all this.

It will be quiet when I get home. I am going to miss her bunches.

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