June 20, 2004

P is for Peyton

So I was over at a friend's house last night, sitting on her front porch just having a cold beer and talking. It was decided that my inner bitch needs a name...something that I can use to refer to her in the third person. "Peyton needs to talk to Tiffany" meaning I need to vent to someone else's inner bitch as well. "Would you like to deal with Michelle or would you like to deal with Peyton?" meaning, pretty much, don't fuck with me.


I like it. I officially christen my inner bitch Peyton.

Now I am going to go cut grass and pull weeds and generally clean up around stuff outside. And spray for weeds. And water the grass again. And feed and coddle the roses some more.

There are a few more flower pictures up in the gallery.

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