June 11, 2004

J is for ...

Jealous - I am jealous because a good friend of mine is in Las Vegas having a good time right now. I am not. He is complaining about how hot and sunny it is. I am not. I am fucking freezing and praying for a few sun breaks. He was already drinking and getting ready to hit the poker tables at noon. I was not. Fucker! Let me take this opportunity to remind said friend that I am still holding a rain check for a trip to Vegas AND that I will not have to worry about the Child the weekend of my birthday since she'll be gone. Ya know...just in case he was wondering.

Junk Food - OK, so technically that is two words but whatever. I just spent over $20 on junk food because the Child is having two friends spend the night. I was nice to myself and got some sugar-free popsicles. Somehow that is supposed to keep me away from the pizza and chips. I am strong! But just in case, I think I'm closing the bedroom door once the pizza goes in the oven.

John - Who I got to talk to for a little bit this afternoon. I showed him the house again and sent him the email that the realtor sent back to me. I'm still in love with the house. I think he likes the house as well. Keep your fingers crossed that a) we can get financed for it and b) it is still for sale when he is home.

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