June 10, 2004

I is for...well, I

Since it really is all about me....

I want to buy a house

I want to live someplace where it isn't a high of 57 degrees in June

I want to have more roses...but I suspect I need more sunshine

I am going to be 38 later this month

I don't really care

I have a much harder time realizing that the Child will be 14

I am behind in recording stuff for John and have both TiVos going right now

I had a good dinner...baked perch

I am waiting for the Child to finish her chores in exchange for letting her have friends spend the night tomorrow. She has 30 more minutes

I had no idea what to write about today and came up with this off the cuff

I have no idea where that saying came from

I am insanely nervous about buying a house

I am also excited and can't wait until we really start the process

I need either new glasses or some contact lenses

I keep coming up with other things to spend money on instead of my eyes

I will miss the Child more than she knows when she is gone for the summer

I miss my husband so much it hurts some days

I am OK though

I need to do laundry

I need to end this

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