June 07, 2004

G is for...

Grumpy...which I am. So grumpy that I yelled at my child this morning and knew I was wrong in doing it. I felt so bad that I went, got a card, signed it and then delivered it to her school. I said I was grumpy, not dead.

Gasping...which means my cold must be getting better. Yes, I've still officially quit smoking. That also leads us to our next meaning...

Goddamned tired. Yeah, what with the gasping and coughing all night, I think I might have gotten about two bad hours of sleep. Before about 3am I hadn't gotten any sleep, and after that I just remember waking up, tossing and turning and coughing...a lot of coughing. (and by the way, I keep trying to type that as 'couching' for some reason)

I am exhausted today. My child has forgiven me for yelling at her this morning. I did take her shopping yesterday and not only are we some broke mo'fos until payday, we're also DONE shopping for summer stuff. I've eaten dinner and now I'm trying to convince myself that no matter what, 630pm is still way too damned early to go to bed.

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