June 05, 2004

E is for Everything

Everything - pron.

All things or all of a group of things.
All relevant matters: told each other everything.
The most important fact or consideration: In business, timing is everything.

That is what you get today...a little bit of everything.

I am in the middle of cleaning off my desk here, burning a few CDs for John and, in general, trying to make this corner of the room not look like a pit.

Went to see Harry Potter last night. Loved it of course. I'll have to go again with the Child later this weekend or perhaps next weekend. This one felt more like a movie than just the recounting of the books like the last two. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed them a lot and bought the DVD as soon as they were released...but they were almost too true to the books.

17 more days until the Child leaves. We still have a bit more shopping to do for clothes before she leaves. Also, trying to make sure she doesn't fail her required subjects. She's working hard though and I let her spend the night at a friend's house last night.

My cold is slowly getting better. Now I only sound like I'm going to die any second what with all the coughing. I actually feel pretty good though and I'm no longer looking for ways to just chop my head off to relieve me of the misery.

I think I will go make sautéed mushrooms for breakfast.

John put some new pictures up in my gallery. I shouldn't complain that he used mine...at least he was the one that uploaded them. Hopefully this means he'll be uploading more soon since he figured out how easy it is.

Have a good day...my desk is almost cleaned off and looks nice. I might have to take a nap soon.

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