June 04, 2004

D is for dear...

Dear lady sitting behind me,

I'm not quite sure what made you think that bringing a three year old to a 9pm showing of Harry Potter was a good idea. The next time your child demands to stand half of the movie, there by ensuring that she shrieks right into my ear during the scary parts...well, it isn't a good idea nor is it fucking neighborly. An apology would have gone a long way.

No love and little hearing left,

Dear dude sitting in front of me,

Look, I know you are a big, burly military guy but really, could you pick a fucking sitting position and just stick with it for a while? Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down. All the shifting you hear behind you each time you bob back up? Yeah, that is the four rows behind you needing to adjust themselves because obviously you felt that you couldn't see over the child sitting in front of you.

Feeling like I got exercise during the movie,

Dear movie,
You? You rocked and I loved you. Really. It is just that...well, I would have enjoyed you a lot more had there not been a bazillion kids in the theater.

Wishing there was an "18 and over only!" rule after 9pm,

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