June 01, 2004


I should probably look before writing. Seems that there are a lot of people with various things missing from their lives. We all wrote about the same word.

Remind me to be more original when my brain returns to my head, OK?

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A is for absence

Absence - n.
The state of being away.
The time during which one is away.
Lack; want: an absence of leadership.
The state of being absent-minded; inattentiveness: absence of mind.

It is weird, thinking about doing AlphaBytes again this year. Last year I was getting ready to see John again when they started. This year I am smack dab in the middle of his year of being gone. Amazing what can happen in the space of a year, huh?

Obviously there is a reason that I picked today's word. He's gone. Away. Deployed. Outta here.

He has been gone for six months, 16 days and about 10 hours. Not that I am counting or anything. We should be over the halfway mark now. He should be home in about five months and 14 days. "Should" being the operative word of course.

I think about his not being here a lot more lately. I don't know if that is because of all the turmoil with the Child or if I'm just missing him more because there are more hours of daylight in which to miss him. Most days I am just fine, but there is always something missing, and that something is usually supposed to be filling the empty spot on the couch. I still don't regret asking him to take his leave late, since I know the hardest part is now done. He's been gone for more than six of the twelve months and after he comes home for leave (we hope!) then there won't be that much time left. I don't know how the women that got to see their husbands in March and April are handling things. Sure, it had to have been nice to see him again...but then knowing that I still had another eight or nine months to go? Forget it!

I'm sick and this is a pretty ramble-y first entry for AlphaBytes. I came home early from work with a case full of client files. I haven't touched them. Instead I took a nap on the couch and tried to feel better. I sound like a croaking frog when I try and speak. I have no idea if I'll go to work tomorrow. Not if I feel as cruddy as I did today.

I did talk to a friend on the phone. He made me laugh when he said things about sex making everything better. I have a feeling John will have found a long lost friend when they finally meet this summer. Either that or they will end up in jail. Or in Vegas.

Do all men think that sex makes everything better? Because I certainly do NOT feel sexy right now. Or like having sex. I just feel sick.

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