May 22, 2004


I had a pretty shitty day yesterday. Besides the fact that there is a metric ass load of emotional crap happening with the Child, I lost my driver's license. Actually, I know where it is, I just can't reach it.

I was driving back to base after dropping her off for a slumber party. I had both ID cards and my license sitting in the little shelf area where the speedometer is. I was trying to pick up the top two cards (my DL and ID) when *whoosh*, they fell between the shelf and the plastic in front of the speedometer. So here I am, almost to the gate and only holding my child's ID card in my hand. Obviously not enough to get me on base. I turn the car into a parking lot and reach under the dash to see if I can find at least the ID card. I move my hand around so that I'm sort of feeling around in the center dash. I feel both cards but can't really get a hold of them. I finally get one (thankfully it was the ID card) and pull it out. I reach back in there...DL is gone. It has slid off somewhere else. I drive back on base and go home. I reach around under the dash and such as much as I sign of the DL. I give up, come inside, make a drink and think about crying. I listen to the soundtrack of Avenue Q, and I highly recommend it for when you are stressed out.

Today I am going out in a few minutes to see if I can find the damn card. If not, I will have to go get a WA license AND have to take the damn driving test since I can't produce an actual license. Something tells me they won't buy my story of "really, it is IN the car!".

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